Mary Brooks Beatty at 4th of July Palisades Parade with supporters, including DC Young Republicans and DC Log Cabin Republicans.

In town this Fourth of July?!? Start the day off right by joining Mary Brooks Beatty in the annual Palisades 4th of July Parade and Picnic!

Since 1966, the Palisades Citizens Association — with the support of local business — has organized the annual July 4th parade and picnic. Every year the parade marks the who’s who of local politics and organizations and this year is no exception! We’ll march with Mary Brooks Beatty, the At Large City Council candidate for the DC Republican Party!

Find Mary’s group in the line-up starting at 10am on Whitehaven Parkway near Foxhall Road and stay after for the picnic with great food, music, and community spirit!

Welcome to the new home of the Ward 3 Republicans of Washington, DC!  We represent the DC Republican Committee in Ward 3 of Washington, DC.  To determine the precinct you live in, or to see if you even reside in Ward 3, click on the Ward 3 Map with Pcts.  On this website, you will find information about not only our Republican candidates, but events in and around the ward that may be of interest to you.

If you are interested in getting more involved, do not hesitate to email or call our Ward 3 Chair, Ms. Marya Pickering or (703) 967-5023.  We are always looking for people to serve as precinct captains and to help volunteer with our candidates.